Fee Development

There are Developers who may want to focus their attention elsewhere and still Develop their property without losing ownership rights.

There are Developers, insurance companies, owners of assets who may want to focus their attention elsewhere and still Develop their property without losing ownership rights. One solution that many groups have chosen was the avenue of “Fee Development”. In such cases or because of certain difficulties related to the Development process in specific areas, D.H. Holdings, Inc. will entertain such offers to work with such groups and has incorporated a “Fee Development Program”. Below you will find the types of services and typical fee’s charged included in our Fee Development Program.

Fee Developer Services


  • Manage the entitlement process and all third party consultants including but not limited to the architect, civil engineer, land use attorney, traffic engineer, soils engineer, and utility consultants.
  • Prepare a consultants budget and preliminary cost estimates.
  • Manage a Major Modification to the existing CUP.
  • Developer shall process a tentative tract map in order to allow for pad sales.
  • Manage the leasing activities on the Property and negotiation of all leases. A third party leasing agent shall be selected.
  • Coordinate market research materials with the Broker for tenant presentations.
  • Perform all financial analysis on the property including various development scenarios.
  • Coordinate all architectural preliminary drawings and working drawings including the processing of permits for any contemplated work.
  • Prepare the construction budget including off-sites for review and approval by Owner.
  • Review all title related matters and environmental issues relating to the Property.
  • Value engineer the construction for cost savings
  • Oversee the drafting and negotiation of CC & R’s and development agreements.


  • Prepare schedules and exhibits as necessary for any construction lender for the Owner. Introduce lenders that have worked with D.H. Holdings, Inc. on other developments to the Developer.

Development Services

  • Engage in lease negotiations with tenants and outside counsel, subject to reasonable review and comment by Partner.
  • Approve of all expenditures for third party vendors prior to payment.
  • Negotiate construction contracts and monitor all construction activities of the Project including regular project meetings.
  • Provide all accounting necessary for the Project, including construction draws associated with the development.
  • Create and then monitor the development plan and budget.
  • Prepare Microsoft project schedules and update as necessary.