We acquire, manage, and lease undervalued properties or properties poised for redevelopment.

D.H. Holdings, Inc. has a division entirely focused on Acquisitions. Due to increasing costs of construction and the increased timing of the entitlement process, D.H. Holdings, Inc. acquires, manages, and leases undervalued properties or properties poised for redevelopment.

Upon acquiring property, we utilize (5) five different pools of equity which include:

  • Private Equity
  • Private REITS
  • Individual Investors
  • Family-Friends
  • D.H. Fund 18, LLC.

These groups have the ability to structure investments in many different ways some of which include: Participation agreements, guaranteed preferred returns, dividend yields plus interest in the property, or straight interest in the property, which includes quarterly cumulative operating income distributions.

The properties that we acquire are located in California and Texas, and are considered stabilized or 93% leased at the time of acquisition. We are also looking at existing projects/assets nationwide that have an added value component to them. These properties charge Tenant’s standard management and leasing fee’s, which are paid to D.H. Holdings, Inc. for services rendered. Such properties are acquired with non-recourse and recourse debt financing or assumable debt if applicable. We have a team of managers that we work with who complement our management style and keep our Centers thriving and well maintained with over 25 years experience. Since our retail background roots were in management and leasing, we recognized the value that these two functions play and how they contribute to the ultimate success of our Centers.

Having a brokerage background for a short period allows us to recognize the importance of the brokerage community and its great impact on our success. Therefore, we welcome and participate with the entire brokerage community, and will continue to foster our local, regional and national brokerage relationships!